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Creative Design.

About us

At Grafislab we believe in the power of packaging - creative packaging! We believe in the design conquest and differentiation. Since 1946.

Tradition and innovation, hand in hand to create and produce luxury shopping bags, folding and rigid high quality boxes, with different materials, finishes and sizes.

Our philosophy

First and foremost, we are committed to excellence in production. We love to keep our clients always satisfied, and we do care about quality control. What makes our packaging products undeniably luxurious is the creative precision at every stage of the process.

Within the evolution of our business we develop new ideas, new approachs, new techniques. We work in a challenging, dynamic environment; our partners and their ever changing demands play a significant role in the definition of our future goals.

The principle of loyalty - in each partnership, as well as within the company - is what we strictly observe. Complementing our devotion to highest quality service comes the acknowledgement of active communication, resulting in a ever growing trust by our Partners. 
Long-term business relationships are our priority!



We are able to offer our customers a full range of integrated in-house services:


  • all
  • rigid card boxes
  • flexible card boxes
  • luxury paper bags
  • other creative solutions

The team